– Setup Your Canon Printer Drivers provides the most efficient printings. Every single printing device of Canon is known for its smoothening production and mind-blowing printing results. The printing speed-strength of the Canon printer is very high in USB 2.0, and it is very much accessible in Wi-Fi & Airprint. The first thing you have to do when you purchase a new printer or re-setup your existing printing device is a download printer driver. 

Here you will know everything about the printer setup. The most satisfying feature of this series is its ability to connect with Bluetooth, USB, cloud, and AirPrint. The look is a sleek, attractive design, unlike bulky printing devices that can cover most of the space. Ultimately, Installing canon drivers is a must whether you are a home user or an owner of a big company. If you have recently bought a new printer, you have made a great choice using

Download and Setup Canon Printer

  • Go to to download the drivers.
  • Now, Enter your printer model number.
  • Run the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  • Then, follow the set of instructions on your screen.
  • After that, Complete the setup & restart your printer.
canon ij setup

Search Printer Model

Search the printer model you want to get drivers for.

Download Setup Files

Now, download the required driver files to get started

Start installation

Double click on the setup file to start the installation

Things You Need To Do

Before you start doing the setup, you need to know about it accurately. Before you try to connect your device with the Canon printer, you need to know about the

You can connect the printer with the other devices via a wireless connection.
When you initiate a network connection with the canon printer, Then you can take printouts from your smartphone, tablets, laptops, and windows computer. Even you do not need the USB cable for it.
Isn’t it Amazing? If you want to set up your printer in this manner, then it is not a difficult task.

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Download & Install Printer Drivers

Mostly every canon printer is very practical in technology. Therefore, You can install printer drivers with ease through a few simple instructions, and you can use it according to your requirement.

Setup Instruction For

All the guidelines available on our website apply to all Windows OS versions, except for the server-client versions. And before you start, cross-check your box and make sure it has all of the below-mentioned items.

  • Printer
  • One Power adapter
  • Ink tank
  • Manual or Easy setup guide
  • One Installation CD/Disc

Make sure you have these components, and there is no physical damage. You can continue the setup process else. You need to send the device for a replacement immediately, even if there is a small dent on your Canon printer or damage in any of the other printer essential components such as the power adapter or the ink tank.

Canon printer setup steps

Easy Steps to Do

Before setting up your printer, you must know about its requirements to fully utilize its features. It would be better if you have a broadband router to make this connection, and the access points should also be configured. You need at least an average speed internet connection to make this setup. It can be a laptop, computer, or smartphone. 

Install Driver Through CD driver download

If you are using windows device, then you need to enter a CD that is provided with the printer box to process the wireless setup, or if you don’t have it, you can get the drivers through the official website of the canon. 

  • Configure Wireless connection

confire wireless connection

Now you will see a setup wizard in which you need to click ‘next.’ On the other hand, MAC users need to type the passcode for it as it will install the helper utility for you. Choose a wireless or USB connection in this case. Then you have to go for the wireless.

  • Turn ON the Canon Printer:

Power on the canon printer-canon printer setup

Power on your printer, otherwise the set up will not proceed. So, cross-check and then proceed. Choose a cable-less set up in the next option. If you are using a Windows PC, you will see ‘other setup’ instead of cable-less. Now, you can proceed to crucial steps ahead via

Connection Via Cableless setup

Connection via cable less canon printer-canon ijsetup

On your Device, ‘You’ll see ‘connection via cableless setup,’ Now choose the WiFi option. Ensure you hold an alarm lamp till it blinks for the second time, and then you can release it. 

  • Flashing lamp of blue and green colour

flashing light of blue and green color- canon printer setupYou will see the blue and green WiFi light is flashing, simultaneously. If this happens, then you can proceed to the next step. Make sure your internet connection is secure. While on processing, you will notice the internet goes off for a minute. 

  • Agree on the terms of use

agree on the terms of canon printer setup

You have to agree on the license agreement and the details about your region. Please read before you proceed. You will find the printer model’s name along with the WIFI network on display. Final Steps

You can tap on the button ‘complete’ when you see the WIFI network with the printer model. 

Now, the Canon IJ setup is done. You don’t need much knowledge to do this task, and any person can efficiently do this setup. Whether you are configuring a new printer or the older one, Therefore, Both ways a wireless setup can be beneficial for you. These days, WIFI connection with a printer can make it more efficient. Wireless Printer

We can see many steps for the canon printer setup, which can help to establish a connection between the printer to the computer device or smart devices through the wireless mode.

Using setup, you can easily share and print your documents, images, videos, and so on with your friends or family systems quickly, without a USB cable connection.

canon ijsetup

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

You can troubleshoot your printer if you face any errors, and start with, First identify the error code that appears on your device screen. Whatever the Canon printer model that you have, the troubleshooting steps always remain the same.

If you’re facing any issues of any of these printer choices or you picked some options of that, you had no thought. You’re able to play a factory reset to the printer. Both manual and setup associated problems are resolved allow it to set up all of the default options supplied by the producer.