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When you decide to buy a new and best printer device, mostly prefer Canon IJ printers. With one gives amazing printing quality without any hassle. Not only ij start canon printer serves quality outputs, but it also supports the best scanning, faxing, and copying utility. Canon printer allows printing quality documents without errors effectively. In this post, we will share some set of instructions that can help you complete the printer setup with link. So, read carefully and follow the guidelines to complete setup without any issues. 

Canon Printer Hardware Setup

  • Before you start with the IJ Start Canon you need to configure the Hardware setup.
  • Unbox and connect your printer to the power source and turn it on.
  • After that, you have to save the initial settings for like date, location, language, and time using the printer admin control panel. 
  • Now, load the paper and printer cartridges properly, as mentioned in the guide.

Setup Your Canon InkJet Printer By IJ.Start.Canon

To start and configure your canon printer with the help of, you must follow the following guidelines:

  • First, Turn on your device like a laptop or computer.
  • Now, open any web browser and tap on the URB box present on the top of your browser and put and hit the enter button.
  • This will redirect you, a website where you can complete the ij start canon setup.
  • Now, You need to tap on the ‘Setup’ icon to proceed further.
  • After that, you need to provide a printer name or model name. You can either select the model number from the options or type manually.
  • Now, click on the enter button, and you will see the setup instructions on your screen. Follow the instructions carefully to complete the process.

Download the Printer Driver

Drivers play the most crucial role in between the printer and the device. You must download the printer driver else, and your printer won’t be able to print the image and documents. 

So, It is necessary to have the latest version of drivers installed on your device. Here are the steps to ij start canon setup:

  • Once you complete the hardware setup then, you can get the drivers following setup link. 

  • In the same window, choose the option for downloading the drivers. Tap the link and proceed with the steps.

  • After that, the drivers will start downloading on your computer, check the downloading progress in the footer bar of the browser.

Setting Up Ij.Start.Canon With USB

  1. If you are unable to set up your printer through with, then you have to choose ‘setup network connection via USB’ method.
  2. Then you see a screen from which you have to jump towards ij start canon setup and to connect your printer with your device by connecting the USB cable. 
  3. After that, you will see the access point with which your device is connected. If you want to associate your printer with that particular wireless network, then click YES.
  4. If you are using the MAC device, then direct click on ALLOW. Then you have to dismantle your printer from the computer and select NEXT.
  5. If you are a Windows user, then tap on COMPLETE.
  6. For MAC users, after the connection between printer and computer, click on OK and jump on the ADD PRINTER option.
  7. After that, click on the driver version that your printer supports and click on ADD.
  8. Now, to completion of the whole process of setup, jump onto NEXT.

This is the whole process of initiate a connection between your printer and computer via the Now, the installation steps are over, and you have successfully connected to your printer via your Mac device, make sure to test your connection by printing a test document. Choose any text or document from your computer and click on the print icon. Check if your printer can process your request for printing your document. If you get a quality print out of your document then, it indicates the printer is working fine. Else you can contact the service centre, which provides after-sale services as they can help you setup your Canon printer.


If you are facing any issues with your printer, you can process a factory reset on your printer, and manual related problems will solve by ij start canon. To restore the printer’s default setting, you need to press both cancel or the resume button simultaneously. You have to keep it till the alarm light flashes for 17 times. After that, you can release the buttons. This will restore the factory default setting, and if you face any problems, you can contact the service centre or visit at