Canon Ij Setup PIXMA G1500

Canon Ij Setup PIXMA G1500


Canon Ij Setup PIXMA G1500 – Presentation, Design and Features HP began the present-day ink wars a couple of years back with its Instant Ink membership benefit, which was intended to furnish clients of particular HP printers with an approach to purchase humble month to month portions of ink without going into pawn. Epson terminated bigly with its EcoTank group of across the board (AIO) machines (an altogether different approach, yet in addition another method for taking a gander at ink), to which Brother, thusly, reacted with its INKvestment items. It was only an issue of time before inkjet biggie Canon joined the fight, as well.

Standard’s MegaTank G-arrangement printers are the main products of its own new way to deal with conveying ink. What began as a straightforward idea—bring down running expenses on inkjet printers—has advanced into a radical better approach to purchase printers. The present survey unit, Canon’s $269.99-list Pixma G2200 MegaTank All-in-One, will be one of the most recent to join the race, alongside three other G-arrangement models, including the Canon Ij Setup PIXMA G1500 Wireless All-in-One we investigated as of late. HP may have begun this, yet that organization’s Instant Ink benefit is not at all like what the other three inkjet creators we specified above have done. The Brother, Canon, and Epson approaches aren’t membership based, however their thought is to offer inkjet printers with a great part of the benefit front-stacked into the cost of the printer, instead of offering the machine at a misfortune and after that charging a progressing premium for the ink.

While their idea is the same, every one of the three organizations haven’t moved toward it in a remarkable same manner. Epson’s EcoTank and Canon’s MegaTank items, for example, draw their ink from supplies that you fill from high return bottles, while Brother’s INKvestment machines keep on deploying ordinary ink cartridges—high return cartridges with low per-page costs, however cartridges in any case—with various arrangements of them packaged with specific models of their printers. Regardless, the center thought is predictable: You pay all the more (at times significantly more) for the printers themselves, and less for the ink to keep them running.As we brought up in our survey of the Pixma G4200, despite the fact that the G arrangement all utilization a similar print motors and accompany a similar measure of ink, there’s an enormous contrast in the capabilities among these four printers. The initial two (see that their names do exclude “Remote”) don’t have Wi-Fi or support for cell phones, and the Pixma G4200 is the just a single with a programmed archive feeder (ADF) for passing different page records to the scanner. What’s more, obviously, the slightest costly, print-just Pixma G1200 doesn’t have a scanner. All things considered, as we’ll delve into in the Output Quality area close to the finish of this audit, content and print quality is excellent. Furthermore, the Pixma G2200 and its kin convey a portion of the least running expenses in the inkjet-printer advertise, as well as among all shopper and independent venture printers we are aware of. (Just Epson’s tantamount EcoTank models are in a similar class, in that viewpoint.)

The Canon Ij Setup PIXMA G1500 display, looking past the ink costs, is a fascinating model, given how it is fitted out. At a $270 list value, the G2200 is the minimum costly “supertanker”- style AIO we are aware of (the Epson Expression ET-2550 EcoTank All-in-OneBest Price at Amazon records for $10 all the more), yet it and its remain solitary kin, the Pixma G1200, are two of the not very many inkjet printers accessible nowadays that don’t bolster systems administration and printing from cell phones. The best way to utilize them is by means of a solitary PC over a direct-wired USB association.

In any case, hello, if that is all you require, what this and other G-arrangement models have going for them (other than their incredibly low running expenses) is heavenly print quality on all fronts: content, designs, and particularly photographs. Truth be told, on the off chance that you print a considerable measure of pictures, MegaTank (and maybe Epson EcoTank) printers may be your best decision. Saying this doesn’t imply that that there aren’t any favorable circumstances to five-and six-ink photograph driven machines (the Canon Pixma TS9020’s dark ink tank helps produce unrivaled dim scale pictures, for instance), yet the Pixma G2200’s photograph quality for most situations is well past worthy. Given the cost of ink between G-arrangement and TS-arrangement Pixmas (Canon’s shopper review photograph AIO printers), for visit photograph occupations the Pixma G2200 can spare you some genuine ink bucks.

Outline and Features

As we called attention to in our audit of the Pixma G4200, Canon’s MegaTank printers are not quite the same as Epson’s first EcoTank printers in a general sense. Where Epson just retrofitted existing models with new stores and pipes, Canon outlined its MegaTank family from the famous ground up, making every new machine.

For instance, to concoct the previously mentioned Expression ET-2550 EcoTank (the nearest EcoTank demonstrate, in highlights, to the Pixma G2200), Epson added a compartment to the correct side of the suspension and introduced four tanks and extra pipes. The ink repositories in G-arrangement printers, then again, are coordinated into the front of the frame…

Group Pixma G2200 MegaTank All-in-One (Canon G2200 versus Epson ET-2550)

That is the Pixma G2200 there on the left. In all actuality, printer excellence is subjective depending on each person’s preferences, yet we feel that the absence of the ink member on the correct side improves the Canon looking. On a more down to earth note, however, the best way to check ink levels on either demonstrate is to take a gander at the repository windows. (Neither MegaTank nor EcoTank printers bolster seeing ink levels by means of the driver interface.) So, much of the time, looking at the front of the machine is desirable over extending to see the correct side. (We should say that the G2200 has a low-ink status marker on its control board over the machine, yet that doesn’t indicate exact levels.)

Ordinance Pixma G2200 MegaTank All-in-One (Color Ink Tanks)

Talking about the control board (demonstrated as follows), dissimilar to the ones on most $270 AIOs, the Pixma G2200’s board is very straightforward. Maybe excessively straightforward—it comprises of only four catches, for Power, Cancel, Black (begin duplicate), and Color (begin duplicate), in addition to two status LEDs, for Power and Alarm. Not exclusively is there no show or readout for assisting with walkup errands (making duplicates, for instance) and designing the printer, however the main enable you to get in diagnosing issues is from tallying the blaze designs between the Power and Alarm LEDs, at that point looking into the outcomes in the manual.

Standard Pixma G2200 MegaTank All-in-One (Control Panel)

Given the Pixma G2200’s absence of highlights, however, the control board takes care of business alright. With an ADF-less scanner, for example, you truly can make just a single duplicate or sweep at any given moment. There’s no help for a memory gadget, cloud administration, or system drive to sweep to or print from, and, as specified, no immediate cell phone availability (aside, maybe, from associating your tablet or cell phone straightforwardly by means of USB, on gadgets that help that).

Ordinance Pixma G2200 MegaTank All-in-One (Scanner)

The product package is ordinary for a customer review Pixma, short the typical Creative Park Premium, Canon’s gathering of layouts that requires the printer to be on the Internet. Additionally absent is My Computer, a conclusion, support, and repair utility seen on other Canon models. (It likewise requires Web get to.) Otherwise, the included programming contains My Image Garden and Quick Menu. My Image Garden comprises of embellishments, upgrade, and rectification channels for working with pictures, and in addition a filtering interface, while Quick Menu supplies a dependably on accumulation of symbols for getting to these and different highlights. Additionally important is that the greater part of Canon’s new Pixmas, both G-arrangement and TS-arrangement, bolster Instagram’s 5×5-inch square photograph design.

In the event that basic and direct is what you’re searching for in an AIO printer, the Pixma G2200 will surely oblige you.


Setting up these mass ink printers veers from the procedure for most inkjets, in that you fill repositories from bottles, as opposed to introducing ink cartridges. With the MegaTank printers, there’s an extra advance: introducing two print heads that look a great deal like ink cartridges (in fact, Canon calls them “cartridges”), one for dark ink and one for the other three hues (cyan, red, and yellow). As we said in regards to the Pixma G4200, this helped us to remember times passed by, when Canon and some other printer creators sold fundamental inkjet printers that accompanied just two ink tanks, one loaded with dark ink and another that held the other three hues.

Standard Pixma G2200 MegaTank All-in-One (Print Heads)

Another contrast between the MegaTank and EcoTank establishment forms is that with the MegaTank ink, you need to crush the jugs a bit to get the ink out. With the Epson EcoTank bottles, you clip off the finishes of the spouts, and the ink pours unreservedly. In the wake of setting up a few printers of each kind, we can report that getting the ink from Pixma G-arrangement bottles into their particular repositories doesn’t require as much want to abstain from making a wreck or getting ink on your fingers.

Standard Pixma G2200 MegaTank All-in-One (Black Ink Reservoir)

Something else, establishment, which incorporated a seven-minute introduction routine while the printer drew ink into the framework, was basic and clear, taking at most 20 minutes.

Cost Per Page

Beside its remarkable print quality, the G2200’s low running expenses are its most appealing resource.

As we revealed about the Pixma G4200, the per-page cost of ink is almost indistinguishable to those of practically identical EcoTank models, for example, the Expression ET-2550 EcoTank and the Expression ET-3600 EcoTank All-in-One Supertank. Standard records the ink at $17.99 for a dark ink bottle and $11.99 each for the three shading ones, with evaluated yields of 6,000 monochrome pages from the dark and 7,000 shading prints for the four as a set. Not exclusively are simply the containers reasonable (even contrasted with most single-pac That is the short review about Canon Ij Setup PIXMA G1500 .

How to excecute Canon Ij Setup PIXMA G1500 ? here are some instructions:

Connecting via Wireless LAN

figure: Connection without using wireless router

  1. The screen shows MenuWireless LAN connection,Wired LAN connection, USB Connection and Do Not Connect
  2. Press/TapWireless LAN connection.
  3. To confirm the choice please Press/Tap Yes.

    Please wait for a couple second to let the setting works, when the success notice appears on the screen, theprinter isready for use.
    Then set up a connection that you need, for example the connection between theprinterand computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Connecting via Wired LAN

figure: Wired connection

  1. The screen shows MenuWireless LAN connection,Wired LAN connection, USB Connection and Do Not Connect
  2. Tap/PressWired LAN connection.
  3. To confirm the choice please Press/Tap YES.When the screen ask to connect the ethernet cable, please connect theprinterto a network device such as a modem or router with an Ethernet cable.
    figure: Connect printer to network device with Ethernet cable
  4. Tap OK to confirm.

    Please wait for a couple second to let the setting works, when the success notice appears on the screen, the printer is ready for use.
    Then set up a connection that you need, for example the connection between the printer and computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Connecting via USB Connection

figure: USB connection

  1. Choose The driver from the table below based on your Operating System
  2. Click Download and Select Save as from the Savemenu and save it to familiar location location on thecomputer which you want to connect the printer.
  3. Execute downloaded exe file to start setup automatically,
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete setup.

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